Wear Your BeanTown Pride

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right now is a great time to be a Boston sports fan. Celtics are looking pretty good without two of their top big men (KG & Powe) and the Bruins are hurting down 3-2 but have some momentum after their last 4-0 beat down on Carolina. Sports blogs are becoming huge and with this comes selling merchandise! Check out some of this stuff brought to you by Hubhockey.

Also, the posts are pretty good. If you are a Bruins fan I’d check them out!


Don’t forget to watch both teams tonight (May 12th)

Bruins – 7:00pm

Celtics – 8:00pm


the real Kanye West

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Song from a month old South Park. Just a classic.

Dark Clouds

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Check out our webisodes on our DARK CLOUDS wordpress site. Enjoy!


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yes I am back from the dead. haven’t posted anything in a long time due to insane amounts of work and laziness. but have no fear, this one is good. and no, it has nothing to do with Swine Flu.

so my girlfriend is obsessed with a youtube video of a little boy dancing, not just any little boy but a kid with some moves. there are millions of these types of kids on the internet and why she loves this one I have no idea. I am slightly terrified of the video because he looks like a little man wearing a tank top. you be the judge!

Pics from hotel scout

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my pal corey/johnnyhopkins and i are planning on filming a series of comedic webisodes that go along with the theme of in-between, outside the box, and/or leaving your mark. we have not been able to grip one specific topic or idea. if you have any idea let me know please! even if you don’t have an idea (or do) check out the Gomorrah trailer below! it is a great film and will not disappoint.


Gomorrah wont Bor-ya!

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check out the film Gomorrah asap! i went to see this film the other night and WOW was it amazing. it is in italian but there are english subtitles so do not worry.

the film groups several story lines identifying many issues going on today with the mafia and crime families in Naples, Italy. the film played at the Cannes International Film Festival where is has received high praises.

if you are lucky enough to find it in theaters such as Hollywood Hits on RT128 in Danvers, MA on the north shore then get there fast before it is gone. i believe it may be available on dvd either right now or very soon. check out the website with the trailer because that should have all the details. as an added bonus it should be good to know that Martin Scorsese is a producer of the film and is pushing it hard in the US.

check out the trailer for Gomorrah below. ENJOY!